09 October 2008

The Yellow Ribbon's Travels


A letter arrives in my mailbox. “Thank you. I had your Rosary in Iraq and it helped me in my faith and my job. I am home now, and safe. Here is your ribbon. God Bless.” I hold that letter in to my heart and take out the ribbon. The ends are no longer sharp but frayed and a little unraveled. The color has faded and is dulled by dust and sand that has been worked into the weave. Some sweat stains with a little bit brighter patch in the center where the crease from the knot was.

Standing there in my suburban driveway, I think about the journey of that tiny piece of ribbon. Just six inches long and satin weave, it has seen the world as well as the best and worst of life.

This little piece of ribbon began on a roll of 1,000 yards. Measured out and cut into small pieces, it is placed in a small jelly jar. Standing there on end, this mass of short pieces of ribbon looks like a flower. They remind me of a dandelion. Pick one up and blow away the seeds, make a wish. My wish is made on these pieces of ribbon. My wish is for the comfort, safety and solace of the men and women who keep us safe.

Having grown up in a military family, I have always loved those in uniform. When I starting making Battlefield Rosaries, I found a way to support them. I make these Rosaries from Parachute cord and non reflective plastic beads. Tough cord for strength, lightweight so they will not increase the load of the soldier, non reflective and quiet to help them stay safe. And a prayer on that little Yellow Ribbon.

Making my Rosaries, I place a little Yellow Ribbon on the Rosary and say a Prayer for the safety of the recipient. With a breath, these little Yellow Ribbons fly out into the world on their Rosaries and prayers and find themselves in the hands of soldiers. There, they will take root and help to nurture the growth of faith. That faith will hopefully bear fruit by offering hope, comfort, love and solace.

When that soldier comes home and brings his Rosary with him, I ask him to send the ribbon back to me. When that ribbon comes home, I know one of “my” soldiers has come home. Often, there is a note, “Thank you for the support,” “the prayers helped me,” your Rosary was there with me,” “Your support means so much to us,” “I am home.” These words accompany that little piece of ribbon. I’ll take it into my home and add it to my wall with other pictures, letters and ribbons that have come home.

Each letter, picture and returned ribbon are precious. I see them every day, I re-read the letters over and over. After I read the new letter, put up the new picture and ribbon, I settle in to make more Rosaries. And there is another ribbon flower in the jar by my chair, waiting to blow in the breeze and plant seeds of faith. Faith that, one day, can change the world.



Karon Adams
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A Beaded Affair said...

Thank you so much for your service to our service people. Your gift and prayers to them are simply beyond words. I have a picture now of your wall of ribbons and notes that I won't soon forget and a reminder to pray for all our soldiers. Thank you.

Studio618 said...

Very touching, and a thoughtful way to bring faith and comfort to those soldiers. Can you post a photo of your wall?

ChezChani said...

What an amazing person you are!