08 October 2008

A Fine Soft Day in the Fall

For those who have seen A Quiet Man, you have heard the opening Soliloquy,"A Fine Soft Day in the Spring, it was, when Himself came to town."

For those who are not of Celtic origins, a "Soft Day" is a day when it rainsslowly and steadily all day and the world is in a shroud of raindrops andmist.So, I awoke this morning to what sounded like a 'Fine Soft Day'.

I could hear the steady hum of the light rain outside my window. I stretched andcrawled out of bed and took the puppies out. Being Boxers, neither waswilling to dampen their delicate toes they go bounding out the back door,though the garage, under the overhang and SKID to a stop. It really ishilarious! And Tovi goes skidding behind Mayhem and knocks him into the rain. OOPS! Poor baby, he got his little toesies wet. They decided theycould hold it. I wonder how long they will wait. I'm guessing til lunch,that's the usual limit.

The morning episode of Star Trek and it's time to make Denver's Breakfastand lunch. Then wake him. He groans and tries to put me off until thedoggies get involved. That usually gets him out of bed nothing quite likea warm, slobbery kiss to start your day!

Break time to spend with Denver. Chatting about the girl caught in theelevator last night. My husband is a hero and often has college coeds hughim for releasing them when the call came in, I answered it and the ladytold me the situation. Denver was communing with his beer so I had totranslate. As soon as she told me it was an entrapment I told her he wasleaving as we spoke, boots in hand. I am Claustrophobic so am empatheticwith someone trapped in an elevator. It has never happened to me but I knowI would go nuts. I told Denver his girlfriend was on the phone. "which one?"he asks "the one who pays you time and a half, get moving!" she laughed,took the travel estimate and my name and Denver took off.

Opening the curtains to watch Denver leave. There he goes, his mascot, BuzzLightyear, sitting on the dashboard of his van. He joins the neighbors ontheir way to work. The same ones who I watched come home to their familie slast night.

After he left, I put on a skirt and my crocs, grabbed a shawl, an umbrellaand a towel (the bench would be wet) and walked up to the playground.Settling in, I watched the kidlets arriving for school. They won't be on theplayground today. I'll miss hearing them at recess. But they hop out oftheir cars at the Gym entrance. Bright little coats and smiling faces,teachers waiting to shepherd them in with their umbrellas. In the windows of the school, I can see paper bats and pumpkins and ghostsdancing in the breeze of the ventilation. They are ready for Halloween.

We'll have to start decorating our yard soon. The neighborhood kind ofdepends on us for the Halloween Night this year, we're going to haveKelsey take pics and let the parents come back to pick them up later. Theschool windows glow from inside in the misty morning. I can see the bordersalong the tops of the chalkboards. In one room, block lettered alphabets, inthe next, cursive. I remember when my kidlets were that age and look forwardto the grandkits. I stay and watch until the cherry light(like the ones on a police car)starts turning in the office. Class has officially started. A few kids showup late, their parents walking them in to fill out tardy forms.

The teachersfold their umbrellas and go in. I gather my things and walk home. One of mycrows is yelling at me from the oak tree in my back yard. He'll be in thepecans this afternoonWalking home, I hear the rain still softly drumming on my umbrella.

Looking at the ground, there are the first few golden maple leaves on the ground. Here in the South, some trees hold leaves until the new buds begin to swell,so most trees now are still covered. But a few golden maples are already onthe ground. The year is a circle and I always see it begin in my mind in thefall. Everything is working in quiet to prepare for the leap in the Spring. We'll have a carpet of leaves soon, but for now, just a few for decoration.I can almost count them.

Came home, made some toast and opened another jar of apple butter. There maybe none left for Christmas gifts I'll have to make something else. Whilethe toast cooks, I think about dinner. Maybe I'll make a pot of chili andsome Salsa Bread. It's a good day for it.

The toast pops and I spread theapple butter. Tasting it, the cinnamon jumps at me, as it always does. WhenI eat cinnamon, I always remember the line from Jane Austen's Sense andSensibility. The youngest sister asks the Captain what India was like. Theair if full if spices," he whispers. I hear that line every time.

My crow is yelling again, he's in the pecans now he's welcome to them.


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