23 November 2008

Rosaries In the Hands of Heroes

Those who read this humble blog know that there are few on this earth that I respect more than the Soldier. They are who keep us safe and they are who we all should thank. Among those wonderful heroes in uniform is a personal Hero of mine, Michael. Michael has served in the Navy and now in the Army. He is 50 years old and has built his life of his own will and God’s Grace. Michael is now and was previously, a Body Building Champion.

In my own weakness, Michael is one of my inspirations. The difficulties he has overcome, I will not enumerate here. Those are his own stories to tell. I will tell you that his is a great victory for himself and his God.

I am extremely proud to call Michael my Friend.

I have recently begun asking those who carry my Rosaries, those I can find, to send me pictures of my Rosaries in their hands. To me, hands tell me everything I need to know about a person. Their character, their strength, their personality. Michael’s, appropriately, was the first picture I have received and I will post it here. I hope to add many more to this page. For now, know that Michael symbolizes all that is good in this country, all that can be done, all the potential there is for any person who wants to build a life. Michael is my ultimate example.

Have a look at the wonderful picture Michael has sent me. You will understand in an instant why my mission is to make as many Rosaries for Soldiers as I can. This picture says it all.


Jamie said...

This is a beautiful story and such a symbolic photo of your friend holding his rosary. God Bless our Soldiers, they keep us free!

Creations by JAE

Bob Kintner said...

As a proud owner of a Yellow Ribbon Rosary I don't know who to THANK THE MOST, Mrs. Adams for providing The Rosaries with their spiritual lifting to those in the service, or our soldiers who sacrifice so much for US? The photo shows the strength that Michael obviously garners from it. So, I THANK YOU BOTH, equally.

Thank You,
Thank You,
Bob Kintner

Dani said...

Karon, you will perhaps never know how timely your post was for me and how appropriate that I read it on our day of Thanksgiving. Your unfaltering beliefs and your passion for sharing them has been a quiet refuge for me for some time now and today of all days I want to let you know that. I want to thank you for sharing your devotion and faith with others, whether it is a lovingly penned entry in your blog, or the sincere offers of help and support to a group friend. I am Thankful for having crossed paths with you, Karon.